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Live on the Gryphon Rose

Anecdotes and Updates

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13 October 1969
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Hi, you've stumbled upon the Live Journal of Aaron Rosenberg!

Who am I?

I'm a writer, first and foremost. I've written novels, roleplaying games, children's books, educational books, and host of other things. I've done work for Star Trek, WarCraft, Warhammer, Stargate Atlantis, Transformers Animated, and others. Some of my recent fiction projects include the Stargate: Atlantis novel Hunt and Run, the Chaotic junior novel The Khilaian Sphere, the middle-grade book Pizza Puzzles #1: The Case of the Secret Sauce, and the first-ever Eureka novel, Substitution Method (written under the house name Cris Ramsay). Recent game projects include the Supernatural Hunter’s Guide, Eclipse Phase: Sunward, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, and the Call of Cthulhu supplement This Sceptre’d Isle.

What else can I tell you about me? I've worked as creative director for an animation studio, script editor for a film company, submissions reader for a publishing house, English comp and lit teacher at two colleges, graphic designer for an insurance company, and desktop publisher for a publishing house.

I'm also a husband, a father, and a friend. That about covers it. :)

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