Off to ShoreLeave!

I'll post about our recent vacation when I get a chance, but first it's that time of year again—this weekend I'll be heading down to Hunt Valley, Maryland (just outside Baltimore) for the ShoreLeave convention! If you're in the area, stop by and say hi! Here's what my schedule looks like:

Friday, July 8:
10pm-midnight, Hunt/Valley Corridor: Meet the Pros
I’ll be here with all the other authors, just hanging out so people can say hi, get autographs, buy books, etc. I’ll have copies of Birth of the Dread Remora with me, so if you haven’t bought one yet now’s your chance!

Saturday, July 9:
11am-noon, Concierge: How to Take Your Writing to the Next Level
David R. George III and I will be talking about how to make that leap forward, professionally speaking.

noon-1pm, Salon E: Crazy 8s!
Michael Jan Friedman, Bob Greenburger, Howie Weinstein, Glenn Haumann, Peter David, and I talk about our new business venture, bringing books directly to the readers who want them. Get the scoop on Peter's book The Camelot Papers, my next novel No Small Bills, and more!

1pm-2pm, Salon E: Time Management for Professional Writers
Keith R.A. DeCandido, Richard White, David Mack, and I talk about how to balance your time, write, and maybe even still have space for a life.

3pm-4pm: Crazy 8 Writing Marathon!
We’re writing a story, round-robin style! And we’re doing it live at the con, where you can watch! Afterward we’ll offer the book for sale, and all proceeds will go to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Come and cheer us on!

4pm-5pm, Salon F: Game of Thrones
David Mack, Alan Kistler, and I talk about the books and the new hit HBO series

5pm-6pm, Concierge: Commercial vs. Self-Publishing
Kelly Meding, Rigel Ailur, Lorraine Anderson, Richard White, and I talk about the new avenues and options available to authors, including e-publishing and self-publishing.

Sunday, July 10:
11am-noon: Crazy 8 Writing Marathon!
More Crazy writing!

2pm-3pm, Salon F: From Tie-In to Original
Keith R.A. DeCandido, Christopher L. Bennett, David Mack, Dayton Ward, and I talk about making the jump from doing tie-ins to writing original fiction.

3pm-4pm, Salon F: The Scattered Earth
I’ll be talking about the Scattered Earth saga, including the Dread Remora books an other upcoming components, with special guest star Keith R.A. DeCandido!

2nd Annual "Guess Aaron's Writing Output" Contest: the winners!

Sorry I've been so late in putting this up, gang. But better late than never, right? :)

Anyway, thank you to those who participated in the contest this year. Without further ado, the correct answers (and the winners) are:

Question One: How many books did Aaron write this year?
Answer One: Nine. I wrote nine full books last year (I know, less than the year before—I R a slacker.)
The Winner: daytonward, who nailed it! Dayton, let me know what book you'd like for your prize!

Question Two: How many words did Aaron write this year?
Answer: 310,000 (approx.)
The Winner: Marc_Hart, who was closest with 320,000! Marc, let me know your prize selection as well!

Thanks for playing, everyone! And for those of who didn't win, don't worry—you can try again next year. :)

Farpoint schedule

Despite still not being listed on the Guest page, I am in fact a guest at Farpoint down in Baltimore next weekend (February 18-20). For those of you going, here is my schedule:

2:00 PM: Autograph Session
4:00 PM: Crazy 8: New Publishing Venture Launches
5:00 PM: Science Fiction and the Paranormal

10:00 AM: Glenn Hauman Aaron Rosenberg
2:00 PM: The Digital Frontier

Stop by and say hi!

Squeeing, and asking for a small favor

My first original novel is now available for sale!



Some of you probably saw my Tweets and posts--and a few of you even registered and read chapters--of my space-opera novel, Birth of the Dread Remora! Well, the full novel is now up and on sale!

Which is where the favor comes in. :)

PLEASE post about this! Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Make new friends and new enemies and tell them, too! Spread the word far and wide, if you can.


Second Annual "Guess Aaron's Writing Output" Contest

I started this last year (and still owe awards to the winners, since the books they wanted came out in late summer and early fall), but figured it was time to do it again. That's what being "annual" is all about, right?

Same rules as before: Reply below with your guesses to either or both questions. The first person to get either one right wins this fabulous prize:

First Place: I will send you an autographed copy of any one of my books. Provided it’s in print. If it isn’t out yet, I’ll be happy to get you one as soon as it is.

The first person to correctly answer BOTH questions wins this:

Grand Prize: I’ll send you autographed copies of any two to three of my books. With the same proviso as above.

This is, of course, assuming you want the prize and aren’t just competing for sheer fun. :)

Ready? Here we go:

Question One: How many books did Aaron write this year?
NOTE: This is whole books only—no short stories, no segments, no chapters. It does, however, include novels, RPGs, junior novels, YA books (both fiction and nonfiction), and middle-grade books.

Question Two: How many words did Aaron write this year?
NOTE: This one is all-inclusive. It’s only professional work, though, so don’t worry about trying to count the words in my LJ posts. :)

And yes, you can go back through my LJ and Twitter or Facebooks posts to refresh your memory. No, you cannot ask me for the answers. :)

Okay? Go for it!

Birth of the Dread Remora

I know I haven't been posting here very often. Sorry about that. Just been busy.

One of the things keeping me busy is my original space-opera novel, Birth of the Dread Remora.

"What's that?" you say? "You're writing a space-opera novel?"

Yes, I am.

"Can I read it?" you ask?


You can even read it chapter-by-chapter for free!

Just go to http://dreadremora.crossroadpress.com. You'll need to sign up with a Wordpress account, but once you do you can read along. I put up a new chapter every few days. There's also a cast list and a rough of the cover.

What are you waiting for?

Just do me two favors, if you do sign up:

1. Post a comment so I know people are reading

2. Tell your friends!


NY ComicCon!

Obviously I should update more often. :) Sorry about that. Most recently I've:

• seen the release of my first Eureka novel, Substitution Method;

• turned in the first draft of my second Eureka novel, Road Less Traveled;

• almost finished (soon, very soon) a new YA book, a biography about World War II;

• seen the release of my second iCarly book, iSaved Your Life;

• see the Howlers start school again;

• survived the summer more or less intact.

Next up—New York ComicCon! I'm a guest this year (look in Literary Guests, under my Eureka novel pen name of Cris/Chris Ramsay), and I'll be on a panel for Penguin authors on Friday night and then signing on Saturday morning. At 11am, I believe, but I'll confirm that.

If you're going to the show, stop by and say hi!